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Petra Luna v2.5 

- Once upon a time, there was a girl named Petra-Luna, MoonRock, who liked her bricks. Evil nanny, furious about her insensitiveness to other things earthly, condemned her to brick-building Life that was ment to fail. But Petra-Luna managed to contact GD PROM in order to help her solve the problem. As we have done our best without succeeding, it was our moral duty to find You to do YOUR best in solving her mistery...

Well, yes... The purpose of this game is... no... Before playing the game for the first time you should assign keys. Icons in the Assign Keys form may not be the actual icons you have on your handheld device, but the order should be the same, so you won't have major difficulties. Info screen contains some vital information, like the e-mail and web address where you can find out more about...


Options Screen. You can access it through the menu. Setup button speed, show or hide next brick display, show background image...
Show background image works only on greyscale and color devices. You can display this image to improve overall game feeling, or to make it easier to find out which column the brick is placed in (and where it will land).
Slow drop. Many of you wanted this option for a long time, and it is now implemented.
Button sensitivity. Some of you like fast buttons, some of you hate it. Well, now you can set it up the way you want to.

Petra-Luna has new Garment. Enjoy improved graphics.
Keys have been slowed down a bit, so they're not oversensitive any more.

Some inner changes that don't reflect on the game.
Compacted pictures, so the file is smaller.

Palm GamePad support!
Minor Bugs fixed.

Petra-Luna! She is what this game is all about, so now you can ectually see what she looks like.
State Saving! This allows you to exit The Game and continue playing later from the same spot where you left it.
Clear Screen! If you manage to clear the whole screen you will be awarded Lots of points.
Best Players! One whole form in the game is dedicated to the The Best Player so far. Get YOUR name there - follow instructions for the Hi Score Contest.

v0.99 beta
Color! Starting with release 0.99 beta, Petra-Luna can run in color.

v0.98 beta
Sound! Yes, you can finally fully enjoy playing with 32-bit stereo :)

Programmers' Addiction:

If you like to play Palm games on the emulator, you can use numeric keyboard as well. However, the keys cannot be changed. Have fun!

New Contest:

Send your Hi Score (screenshots) to gdprom@gdprom.com, and the list will be published on our web site. The best player in time of a new Petra-Luna release will be included in the game as a Person who did his/her best in releasing Petra-Luna from her curse.


Currently there is only one hi score - the highest score, and it is not associated with a player because it is presumed that only you play with your handheld. So, it's not a bug, it's a virtue.
Now this is a bug: Bricks are shown on screen differently, depending on their height, so when you're almost at the top you can suddenly get Game Over message, although the next brick SHOULD fit. It's not very hard to fix this, but since you're at the very end of the game anyway, why bother...

Pause hard key cannot be used to start a new game (use the button)...

  Price: Freeware

Petra Luna v2.5


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