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Dubrovnik Tourist Guide v1.0 

- This application is a perfect companion on your visit to Dubrovnik, one of the most attractive cities in the world. It can also be a great preview if you are not yet sure about visiting Dubrovnik.

The main screen contains the map of Old Town. You can move around the map by holding the stylus on the screen and dragging it around.

The map depicts some of the famous places in Dubrovnik. By tapping on the icon you will get the full description of the monument, or other sites. You can find Legend in the Help menu, that will explain various icons on the map.

Since there are so many sites to visit, not all could fit on the map. Descriptions of all other famous sites can be accessed through the Sites menu.

In the City menu, there are various interesting information about the city of Dubrovnik, including the geographical and historical data. This menu also contains the list of all hotels in Dubrovnik.

Hard Buttons

You can use Up and Down hard buttons to scroll through the text, but you cannot scroll the map using hardware buttons.


v1.0 Color, Grey and Black and White support. Dubrovnik can be run in 16 greys, if supported by hardware. Minimum 8Mb of RAM.


It appears to be a problem with screen when using PalmVx device. Since we are not completely sure if the problem is with grey support in PalmOS v3.3 or the device itself, please report these bugs and we will send you a fully functional black and white release of the application.

Sometimes when you try accessing menus, you get description of some monument. Try moving the map a little so there are no monuments at the top part of the screen.

  Price: $15

Dubrovnik Tourist Guide v1.0