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ROM transfer using USB cradle 10.Feb.2001.

Text is based on Falch.net article

Download from HandSpring site, new version of Debugger.
than download from this site files needed by Debugger.

Put them all together in the same folder. We are doing this this way because you don't have to download the whole HandSpring Toolkit.

Now, download Debug Prefs and install it on your Visor.

Launch 'Debug Prefs' and select 'Force USB', then push reset button.

After reset, you have to put Visor in Debugg Mode.

Enter: shortcut - dot - dot - 1.

If you need help with shortcut go to HELP.
If you entered everything correctly, Palm will start buzzing and you should see a blinking square in the upper left corner.

Start Debugger on your PC. Choose Connection in Menu Bar and select USB. Enter 'att' in debugger window. If everything goes fine you should see


Now, type the following command to save your device ROM to a file:

save "visor.rom" 10c00000 200000

You may replace "visor.rom" with a filename of your choice. When this command is entered, you should see a percentage indicator. Wait for this to reach 100%, and you should see the following text: #2097152 bytes saved from address $10C00000 to file "visor.rom" Your ROM file is now located in the Device subfolder of your Palm Debugger directory. To get your device out of debug mode you can either type "reset" on the Palm Debugger console or do a soft reset on the device.


This procedure works even with Win 2000. Tested with Visor Deluxe and Win 2000.